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Supporting Rural Communities with Distributed Bioenergy

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In the west, biomass energy solutions are rare; in the mountain west they are nearly nonexistent. The table on the right shows the difference in renewable net generation by energy source and by region of the country see:

Primer on Biomass, Western Forestry Leadership Coalition, 


Biomass deployments have historically occurred near paper-pulp and commercial logging businesses; which are predominately located in the Northeast and Southeast. The traditional biomass technologies used for these deployments were steam-based, water-intensive and required a large centralized facility. They burned the wood materials with high levels of particulate emissions which required cleaning technologies. New distributed generation combined heat and power (CHP) technologies offer carbon neutral solutions using gasification processes, with little or no water. These biomass CHP technologies are ideally fitted to deliver biomass as a renewable energy in rural communities throughout the western states where forests are largely owned and managed by the federal government.