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Colorado Forest & Energy, LLC

Supporting Rural Communities with Distributed Bioenergy

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Through a strategic alliance, CF&E deploys modular bioenergy units, referred to as BioMaxTM systems. These BioMax TM units from Community Power Corporation use a down draft gasification process, which does NOT require water and is packaged as a modular unit in ISO standard shipping containers. A 100kW unit (enough to support a rural school) consumes about a pickup truck load of feedstock (woodchips) per day (2.5 tons) and generates carbon neutral energy (electricity and heat: combined heat and power--CHP) with high efficiency and low emissions. Biomass energy is “base load” energy, meaning it functions even if the sun doesn't shine or the wind doesn't blow. This is very green, renewable, 24 x 7 combined heat and power. AND it creates local jobs in the community to operate the systems and supply the biomass feedstock for the units.





We deploy small bioenergy units in facilities throughout a community

We operate the units and we purchase feedstock locally

We make small biomass systems "BIG ENOUGH TO COUNT"