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Colorado Forest & Energy, LLC

Supporting Rural Communities with Distributed Bioenergy

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community-based energy to grow local economies

CF&E is an energy development and operations company. We work in communities to develop renewable energy projects, create jobs and grow local economies. We finance, deliver, install, and operate bioenergy units in rural, forest and agricultural communities. Our operational model is depicted below. One of the many advantages to our customers is the ease of utilizing our services. Our customers do not have to: purchase biomass units, maintain biomass units, or be responsible for supplying the feedstock. We take care of that!

"distributing energy to the world,

community by community"

We partner with loggers, saw mill operators, and agricultural producers to create centralized feedstock processing and handling facilities. These relationships provide additional revenue streams to existing local businesses and also ensure consistent, high quality feedstock for bio energy units distributed throughout the community.