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Colorado Forest & Energy, LLC

Supporting Rural Communities with Distributed Bioenergy

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About Us
Colorado Forest and Energy (CF&E) is an early stage company specializing in the delivery of community based clean-tech energy solutions throughout the mountain west region. We are project developers. Our work is primarily focused on forest-centered and rural agriculture communities where we can develop projects which use local biomass to produce combined heat and power for local facilities.

Headquartered in Littleton, CO, CF&E, over the past four years, has pursued biomass project development in Routt, Jackson, Grand, and Summit Counties (in Colorado). CF&E develops community-based, distributed generation, modular bioenergy projects using local forest/AG/wastes for on-site combined heat and power (CHP) to local facilities (such as recreation centers, schools, waste-water treatment plants, schools, resort buildings and municipal buildings). Our near-term focus is to work in two communities AND then, expand into a Western Forest Initiative  to provide over 1 GW of power by working in rural communities in North America.

Why we like learning with Community-based Energy

Clean-tech power for communities is a community building opportunity. It empowers communities to decrease energy costs, decrease CO2 emissions and build community action for common goals. Working with schools is an essential component of bringing energy to communities. Deployment of 100-200kW system in a school is a teachable moment. The opportunity to build learning experiences in sciences, social studies, writing and math is part of every deployment for each school. Experiential learning provides students with the opportunity to help reforest devastated forest acres and operate clean-tech community power systems.