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Colorado Forest & Energy, LLC

Supporting Rural Communities with Distributed Bioenergy

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Look carefully at the picture in the upper left corner. It is no longer just pristine “fly fishing” in the Western United States. Drought, extreme temperature and insect infestations driven by climate change are creating forest devastation, unprecedented wildfires and increasing risk to our water infrastructure. Simultaneously, the forest products industry in much of mountain west has been in decline for over twenty five years. Biomass energy offers a sustainable and complementary use for forest management and provides clean renewable energy to rural forested communities. 

Using woodchips and other biomass feedstock we provide heat and power to community facilities such as schools, municipal buildings, waste water treatment facilities, resort facilities, retail outlets, and recreation centers. We are a Colorado company deploying proven modular bioenergy technologydeveloped in Colorado. We are committed to our local communities: providing economic development, jobs, and a forest products business which is complementary to existing saw mills and logging operations. We replace fossil fuel heat and electricity at a given facility with clean green energy renewable energy generated from modular combined heat and power units. Our modular units and strong project integration background allow us to offer renewable energy services to many different customers and communities.


Our work is NOT limited to Colorado....we just started in Colorado.


We are committed to the communities we serve. We create jobs, encourage sustainable forest management, provide energy (electricity and heat) and maximize the teachable moment of distributed energy resources by working with students and teachers to inspire the next generation of energy leaders and create career paths in renewable energy



Generate Beetle Juice from the Trees in Your Community!


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